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5 Women Tell Us Why They Shaved Their Heads “Now my manfriend cuts my hair in our bathroom once a week.”

If a celebrity’s name starts with a “K” or has been blonde at any point in their career, chances are that they probably shaved off their hair at some point. But in all seriousness, we’ve seen a major uptick in the number of celebs who have made the move to Chop City recently, and of course, we’re living for every single one.

9 women on why they shaved their heads and how it made them feel.

For those in the number 2 clipper club, a shaved head is more than a haircut; it’s a statement. As model Jourdana Phillips told us, backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show in Paris, “I no longer feel forced to adhere to society’s beauty standards and feel free to do as I please,”–a sentiment shared by many women with the gender-norm-defying haircut.

A crowd jeers as a woman’s head is shaved during the liberation of Marseilles. Photograph: Carl Mydans/Time Life/Getty The 65th anniversary of the D-day landings this week is an occasion to revisit joyful pictures of the liberation of France in 1944. But among the cheering images there are also

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These women weren’t afraid to chop their locks. As one of The Walking Dead’s biggest stars, Zimbabwean actress Danai Gurira typically dons a long dreadlocked wig plus a headband on the show.But in real life, she’s got a beautiful ultra-short cut. The fact that her short hair shows off her bold lip color and statement earrings are just two more reasons every woman should try shaving her head …

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Want to look 13% stronger? Shave your head. At least that’s the finding from a new research project which suggests that men who take the preemptive step of shaving their head appear tougher and more powerful than others. A shaved head indicates dominance, authority and… being in control.

Dustin Steele is back in the studio to conquer more straight guys. He shaved his head and let his beard grow, so he looks really great! Despite the slight change in his looks he’s still the same hot cowman deep down inside that we’ve come to love and cherish.

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French women who befriended the Nazis, through coerced, forced, or voluntary relationships, were singled out for shameful retribution following the liberation of France. The woman photographed here, believed to have been a prostitute who serviced German occupiers, is having her head shaved by French

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This shaved-side asymmetrical bob proves that shaved hairstyles are actually super-wearable on any hair length and color. If you want to add a little funk to your teeny teen hairstyle, shaving one side of your head just may do the trick.