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A description of tropes appearing in Digimon 02 The Story We Never Told. A long-running rewrite of Digimon Adventure 02, The Story We Never Told is a much …

Kanius is a fanfiction author that has written 53 stories for Digimon, X-overs, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Misc. /Manga, Mythology, Norse Mythology, Witchblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and Canaanite Mythology.

HOC se met aux couleurs printanières ^^ Sur la bannière: Araki Keika du jeu “Joker ~Gang Road~” HOC Revient en force avec un nouveau serveur ! 😉

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Feb 25, 2018. Creating Sprites. This tutorial provides tips on creating sprites in Photoshop. Updated to add tips about manual anti-aliasingg.

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A description of tropes appearing in Digimon Frontier. Takuya Kanbara is an average city who receives a text message from an unknown source instructing …

Sadly I don’t got any of the stories from the digimon zone era of things and just got copies of the stuff from the digiartist domain that’s still up.

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Digimon Mimi 3443. Doujins Gatomons Playtime Page Mangas Digimon

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